Insta360 Launches X4: First 8K 360° Camera with Enhanced Features

    Insta360, a pioneer in the 360° camera market, unveils its latest innovation, the Insta360 X4. This groundbreaking device introduces 8K resolution capabilities alongside an array of improvements, catering to the needs of content creators and enthusiasts alike.

    Technical Advancements: The Insta360 X4 boasts an impressive 8K video recording capability at 30fps, setting a new standard in immersive content creation. Utilizing the efficient H.265 codec and a maximum bitrate of 200Mbps, the camera delivers enhanced clarity and detail. Moreover, users can now enjoy smoother motion with 5.7K resolution at 60fps and 4K at 100fps, a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the X3.

    Enhanced Features: Me Mode, designed for effortless self-capture, now outputs clips in 4K resolution at 30fps, providing higher quality footage compared to the previous model. Additionally, MaxView offers a wider field of view at 170°, recording in 4K at 60fps. Timelapse enthusiasts will appreciate the resolution boost to 11K, elevating the visual appeal of their creations.

    Improved User Experience: The Insta360 X4 incorporates several quality of life upgrades, including a larger 2.5” touchscreen protected by Gorilla Glass. Removable lens guards ensure the longevity of the fisheye lenses, while the new 2,290mAh battery extends recording time by up to 67%.

    Durable Design: With a waterproof rating of 10m/33ft and compatibility with the Invisible Dive Case for depths of 50m/164ft, the X4 is suitable for underwater adventures. Its resilience extends to cold environments, withstanding temperatures as low as -20°C/-4°F.

    Powerful Performance: Driving the camera’s capabilities is a 5nm AI chip, enabling efficient processing and optimization of content. Equipped with a 1/2” sensor capable of capturing 72MP stills in INSP and DNG formats, the X4 ensures exceptional image quality.


    The Insta360 X4 sets a new standard for 360° cameras, offering unparalleled resolution, enhanced features, and extended battery life. Available for purchase today, the camera is priced at $500 in the US and €560 in Europe, with additional bundles offering specialized accessories for a complete experience.

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