House Republican Supports Effort to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson Over Handling of Foreign Aid

    Washington- In a significant development within the Republican Party, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky announced his support for an effort to remove Speaker Mike Johnson from his position. Massie, a member of Johnson’s own Rules Committee, revealed his backing for a resolution introduced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, seeking Johnson’s removal from the top leadership role.

    During a closed-door meeting of House Republicans on Tuesday, Massie directly informed Speaker Johnson of his decision to co-sponsor Greene’s resolution. He referenced former GOP Speaker John Boehner’s resignation in 2015 amid conservative dissent, suggesting Johnson should consider a similar move to facilitate the selection of a new Speaker without a prolonged vacancy.

    However, Johnson has firmly stated his intention to remain in his role, dismissing calls for resignation as “absurd” and emphasizing his commitment to fulfilling his duties. He highlighted the importance of unity within the party and the need to focus on key legislative priorities, including border security and governance.

    With the Republican majority hanging by a narrow margin, Johnson’s ability to retain his position hinges on maintaining party cohesion. Greene’s motion to vacate the speaker’s chair would require at least three Republican defections, along with unanimous support from Democrats, to succeed.

    The conservative backlash against Johnson comes amidst efforts to advance stalled foreign aid for countries such as Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Some far-right members, led by Greene, have called for a shift in focus towards bolstering security measures along the southern border.

    Massie’s endorsement of Johnson’s removal carries additional significance due to his position on the Rules Committee, traditionally aligned with the speaker’s agenda. However, Massie’s appointment to the committee by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy last year underscores underlying tensions within the Republican ranks.

    The unfolding dynamics underscore the challenges faced by Johnson in navigating internal divisions while pursuing legislative objectives. As the party grapples with competing priorities, the outcome of the brewing confrontation could have far-reaching implications for Republican unity and legislative agenda.

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