Wildfires threaten homes on Maui and Kauai as a hurricane bears down

Maui fire
Maui fire

Firefighters in Hawaii are battling two major wildfires on the islands of Maui and Kauai, as Hurricane Dora passes south of the state.

The Maui fire has burned over 1,700 acres and destroyed at least 10 homes. The Kauai fire has burned over 500 acres and is threatening several homes.

The fires are being fueled by strong winds and dry conditions. The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning for both islands, meaning that there is a high risk of fire spreading.

Evacuation orders have been issued for several areas on both islands. Residents are urged to stay informed about the latest conditions and to follow the instructions of local authorities.

The Maui fire is the largest wildfire on the island in over 20 years. It started on Tuesday afternoon and has been growing rapidly. The fire is burning in a remote area, but it is threatening several homes in the community of Lahaina.

The Kauai fire started on Wednesday morning and is burning in a rural area near the town of Hana. The fire is threatening several homes and businesses.

Hurricane Dora is currently passing south of Hawaii. The hurricane is not expected to make landfall, but it is bringing strong winds and heavy rain to the islands. The winds are fanning the flames of the wildfires and making it difficult for firefighters to contain them.

The wildfires are a reminder of the importance of fire safety in Hawaii. Residents are urged to be careful with anything that could start a fire, such as campfires, grills, and fireworks.

Here are some tips for fire safety in Hawaii:

  • Never leave a campfire unattended.
  • Be careful with fireworks.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the fire department.
  • Have a fire escape plan in place for your home, and make sure everyone in your family knows it.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your home and know how to use it.
  • Clear brush and debris from around your home to create a firebreak.

By following these tips, you can help prevent wildfires and keep your family safe.

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