NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has successfully returned with a pristine sample from the asteroid Bennu. 

This marks NASA's first-ever collection and return of an asteroid sample. 

OSIRIS-REx initiated its mission seven years ago, collected the sample in 2020, and returned to Earth in 2021. 

The spacecraft released the sample capsule, containing asteroid rocks and soil, which safely landed in Utah.

Recovery teams ensured the sample's safety and conducted preliminary assessments. 

Samples from the landing site were collected to document any potential interactions with the asteroid material. 

A controlled environment will maintain the sample's purity during transportation and analysis. 

Detailed information about the sample will be revealed in a NASA broadcast on October 11. 

The sample can provide insights into the formation of our solar system and potential future asteroid threats. 

Despite possible disruptions, NASA is committed to studying this valuable sample, which has waited for billions of years to be explored. 

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