Top 10 consequences if India turns its name to "Bharat" 

Hindu Nationalism Concerns: Renaming India as Bharat raises concerns about promoting Hindu nationalism and potentially marginalizing other religious groups. 

Alienation of Non-Hindus: Not all Indians are Hindus, and some may feel excluded by the name change, leading to social tensions. 

Complex and Costly Process: Changing the country's name involves updating official documents, passports, and signage, which is a complex and expensive endeavor. 

Impact on International Reputation: Altering India's name may be viewed as a sign of becoming more insular, potentially harming international relationships and foreign investment. 

Tensions with Pakistan: Pakistan opposes the name change, citing associations with Hindu nationalism, which could escalate tensions between the two nations. 

International Organization Challenges: India's name change would require updating its membership with organizations like the United Nations, posing logistical challenges. 

Business Rebranding: Indian businesses operating globally would need costly updates to branding and marketing materials. 

Impact on Indian Expatriates: Indian citizens abroad must update passports and IDs, causing inconvenience and time consumption. 

Tourism Challenges: Tourists may take time to adjust to the new name, potentially reducing tourism temporarily. 

Potential Unrest: Opposition to the name change could lead to protests and violence, causing instability in India. 

DISCLAIMER It is important to note that these are just potential consequences, and it is impossible to predict with certainty what would happen if India changed its name to Bharat.