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In Mexico City, two mysterious, alien-like corpses were unveiled at the country's Congress. 

This event was led by Jaime Maussan, a well-known journalist and UFO enthusiast.

The bodies were displayed in transparent boxes for public viewing. 

These mummified specimens, believed to be ancient, were found in Cusco, Peru. 

Ryan Graves, a former US Navy pilot, was also present at the event. 

Maussan presented his findings to Mexican government members and US officials under oath. 

Scientists at a Mexican university extracted DNA evidence from the specimens using radiocarbon dating. 

Maussan stated that these specimens don't fit into Earth's known evolutionary history. 

They were not discovered at a UFO crash site but in diatom mines and subsequently fossilized. 

This discovery has generated excitement among UFO enthusiasts and questions about extraterrestrial life, while similar testimonies have been given in the US Congress about unidentified aerial phenomena. 

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