Shocking Injuries Rock AEW Dynamite: What Really Happened to Jon Moxley?

Jon Moxley
Jon Moxley

Last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite Grand Slam in New York City delivered two hours of thrilling professional wrestling action. However, the show was marred by two unfortunate injuries to major wrestling stars, causing considerable concern within the wrestling community. Here’s the latest on each of these incidents:

Jon Moxley’s Injury:

During Jon Moxley’s International title match with Rey Fenix, there was a moment of alarm when the match abruptly ended. It appeared that Moxley’s head was forcefully spiked onto the mat while he was on the receiving end of Fenix’s Black Fire Driver, a variation of a sit-out Michinoku Driver.

Referee Rick Knox did not count to three after this spot, despite Moxley not managing to lift his shoulder or move significantly. Moxley seemed to be looking at the referee, a common signal for timing a kickout, but then said something to prompt Fenix to execute the move again, this time with more clearance between Moxley’s head and the mat. Knox counted the full pinfall, resulting in Fenix winning the belt.

Reports from PWInsider indicated that Moxley was attended to by medical personnel for an extended period before he was able to sit up and eventually leave under his own power. Mike Johnson from Insider also mentioned that backstage, there was a belief that Moxley may have suffered a concussion, although this remained unconfirmed. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer posted on X that Moxley was injured but thankfully in stable condition.

As expected, PWInsider, Alvarez, and Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful all concurred that Fenix’s win was not the originally planned outcome. Johnson added that it was believed backstage that Moxley was intended to retain the title.

Adam Cole’s Injury:

Another injury incident involved Adam Cole. Towards the end of the main event, Cole rushed in to support his friend and tag partner, MJF. Unfortunately, he jumped off the side of the stage, stumbled upon landing, and continued to participate in the match with a noticeable limp.

Both Sapp and Alvarez reported on X that Cole was subsequently taken to the hospital after the match. A later update from Sapp indicated that Cole had been discharged from the hospital and was using crutches.

We will provide more updates as information becomes available, and our thoughts are with both Jon Moxley and Adam Cole for their swift recoveries.

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