“She Came to Me”: A Romcom That Fails to Find Its Rhythm

Rebecca Miller
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Rebecca Miller’s latest offering, “She Came to Me,” hits theaters this October 6, but unfortunately, it arrives with a lackluster performance that fails to ignite the romantic sparks it promises. Despite boasting an impressive cast, the film struggles to convey depth in its characters, often opting for one-dimensional portrayals and contrived situations that leave much to be desired.

At the helm of this romantic comedy, Miller, who previously charmed audiences with “Maggie’s Plan,” falls short of replicating her past success. “She Came to Me” introduces us to Steven Lauddem (Peter Dinklage), an opera composer grappling with anxiety and writer’s block. He’s married to Patricia (Anne Hathaway), his therapist, and the two reside in a posh Brooklyn brownstone, along with Patricia’s 18-year-old son, Julian (Evan Ellison), from a previous marriage.

The story unfolds when Patricia encourages Steven to take a walk, leading him to a chance encounter with Katrina (Marisa Tomei), a tugboat captain with a thirst for romance. Their unlikely connection results in a seductive rendezvous, inspiring Steven to create an opera centered around Katrina. Meanwhile, Julian finds himself entangled in a romantic relationship with his 16-year-old classmate, Tereza (Harlow Jane), causing a chain of events involving Tereza’s mother, Magdalena (Joanna Kulig), and her husband, Trey (Brian d’Arcy James), whose hobby is reenacting historical battles.

“She Came to Me” juggles these multiple storylines but struggles to make them compelling. Steven’s critique of the opera performer playing Katrina in his production feels absurd, as he fails to acknowledge the source of his inspiration, leading to humor that falls flat. Throughout the film, strained moments abound, including a dinner scene where Trey’s peculiar request for Julian to read the newspaper aloud quickly seems forced, laying the groundwork for later legal complications.

"She Came to Me": A Romcom That Fails to Find Its Rhythm
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The film attempts to intertwine its characters and storylines, notably when Steven turns to Katrina for a favor involving her tugboat. However, these efforts do little to salvage the overall lack of engagement.

While “She Came to Me” does offer a fleeting sense of camaraderie in a late film moment and showcases imaginative staging of scenes from Steven’s operas, these moments are sparse and struggle to compensate for the film’s shortcomings. Most notably, the movie fails to provide any significant insights into love or relationships, making it challenging for viewers to invest in the characters’ romantic pursuits and challenges.

Peter Dinklage delivers a commendable performance as always, though the role doesn’t demand much beyond his signature charisma. Anne Hathaway, who also produced the film, shines throughout, even in the midst of a cringe-worthy scene involving Patricia recounting a peculiar story while disrobing. Marisa Tomei brings allure to her character, Katrina, but her portrayal of a character addicted to sex due to romantic movies may leave viewers yearning for a more convincing narrative.

In the end, “She Came to Me” struggles to live up to its romantic comedy promise. While it has its moments and a talented cast, it fails to find its rhythm, leaving audiences wanting more from this lackluster production.

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