Say Goodbye to Passwords Forever with Windows 11 Moment 4!

Windows 11
Windows 11

In anticipation of Windows 11 23H2, users were eagerly awaiting the next big update. However, what we’ve received is an unexpected twist in the form of Windows 11 Moment 4, an evolution of the current 22H2. This release marks a pivotal moment in Windows history, introducing groundbreaking features, enhanced security, and a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence system named Copilot, set to redefine our PC interactions.

For those currently running Windows 11 version 22H2, a game-changing update has arrived in the form of KB5030310. This cumulative patch paves the way for the transition to Moment 4, ushering in a plethora of changes, enhancements, and new functionalities.

The cornerstone of this update is the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the operating system, with Copilot taking center stage. Copilot, a long-anticipated feature, promises to revolutionize our computing experience. By simply pressing WIN + C, users can summon this AI-powered personal assistant, capable of performing a wide array of tasks, from online queries via Bing chat to system configuration adjustments.

Copilot’s capabilities encompass text generation, system setting modifications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control, and even screenshot capture – essentially, it can assist with nearly everything.

Goodbye Passwords, Hello PassKeys

Windows 11
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In addition to Copilot, one of the standout features in Windows 11 Moment 4 is the introduction of PassKey support. This advancement propels us closer to a future without passwords, as it leverages devices as ultra-secure keys for logging into various platforms. With Windows 11 23H2, users will only need their computer or compatible device to securely access PassKey-enabled websites and services, significantly enhancing cybersecurity.

Other Noteworthy Features in Windows 11 Moment 4

Windows 11
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Beyond Copilot and PassKey, Windows 11 Moment 4 brings several noteworthy enhancements to the Microsoft ecosystem:

  1. Paint gains AI-based functionalities, including background removal capabilities.
  2. The Snipping tool is now equipped with an OCR character recognition engine.
  3. The Photos app incorporates AI-powered features, such as background blurring.
  4. Clipchamp, Microsoft’s video editor, can automatically create videos from photos and videos added to it.
  5. Taskbar improvements include the ability to separate and prevent window merging.
  6. A new Microsoft Backup app is introduced.
  7. The File Explorer receives a modernized appearance.
  8. Notepad features an auto-save function.
  9. Native support for opening RAR files.
  10. A new Outlook app replaces the classic email client.
  11. Expanded voice access system-wide.
  12. Narrator now supports additional natural languages.
  13. Introduction of a presence sensor, which detects user presence and enhances security and energy efficiency.
  14. New Windows Hello for Business.
  15. Enhanced security measures in apps with Intune.

While Windows 11 Moment 4 introduces a wave of changes and features, Microsoft has also announced that Windows 11 23H2 is on the horizon, set to arrive in the Release Preview Channel in the coming weeks, ensuring a continuous evolution of the operating system. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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