Russell Brand Denies Serious Allegations in Video Statement

Russell Brand
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 19: Russell Brand attends Friendly House 32nd Annual Awards Luncheon at The Beverly Hilton on November 19, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Friendly House)

Russell Brand, aged 48, has publicly denied what he describes as “very serious criminal” allegations related to his past “promiscuous” behavior. In a video shared on his social media, Brand refutes the claims and characterizes them as “extremely egregious and aggressive attacks.”

Here’s a breakdown of the key points from his video statement:

  1. Brand’s Denial: He opens by stating his complete denial of the serious allegations made against him. He calls them “extremely egregious and aggressive attacks.”
  2. Disturbing Letters: Brand mentions that he has received two disturbing communications—one from a mainstream media TV company and the other from a newspaper. These letters contain a list of allegations, some of which he firmly rejects.
  3. Unnamed Entities: Brand doesn’t specify which TV company or newspaper is involved, but his video coincides with an upcoming special investigation episode of the UK current affairs show “Dispatches” scheduled for Saturday night.
  4. Consensual Relationships: He addresses the timeframe of the allegations and emphasizes that all the relationships he had during his promiscuous phase were consensual. He asserts that he was transparent about his actions both then and now.
  5. Mainstream Media and Control: Brand expresses his belief that his “voice” was not approved of by mainstream media and suggests that there might be an agenda to control his voice.
  6. Contradictory Witnesses: He mentions that there are witnesses whose accounts directly contradict the narratives being constructed by the two media outlets allegedly involved in a coordinated attack.
  7. Serious Nature: Brand acknowledges the gravity of the allegations and states that they will investigate the matter further.
  8. Channel 4 Special: Channel 4 has scheduled a 90-minute special episode of “Dispatches” but hasn’t disclosed specific details about its content.

In conclusion, Russell Brand vehemently denies the serious allegations against him, expressing concern about the coordinated nature of the attacks. He calls for a thorough investigation into the matter while maintaining his commitment to transparency.

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