Max Verstappen’s Frustration Grows Amid Singapore Grand Prix Practices

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Tensions flared in the Red Bull camp as Max Verstappen vented his frustration over his car’s performance during the Singapore Grand Prix practices. The reigning champion’s concerns centered on the RB19’s gearbox, an ongoing source of discontent.

Max Verstappen's Frustration Grows Amid Singapore Grand Prix Practices
(Photo by Kym Illman/Getty Images)

I. Turbulent Practice Sessions

  • Verstappen faced difficulties during practice, ranking fourth-fastest in FP3 and falling over three-tenths behind the leader.
  • His struggles continued from Friday’s session, where he placed eighth on the timesheets.

II. Radio Exchanges

  • Throughout the final practice on Saturday, Verstappen’s dissatisfaction became evident in exchanges with his race engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase.
  • He voiced his frustration about the car’s upshift problems, declaring them “unacceptable.”

III. Performance Issues Beyond Upshifts

  • Verstappen also expressed concerns about rear grip, humorously suggesting his car might be better suited for a drifting competition than an F1 race.
  • He highlighted that the problems extended to downshifts as well.

IV. Challenging Weekend for Red Bull

  • Verstappen’s frustrations were a result of a challenging weekend, and he admitted that the team’s performance issues were more severe than expected.
  • Red Bull faces a tough task in preparing the RB19 for qualifying, and this race could be their most challenging of the season.

In the midst of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix practices, Max Verstappen’s struggles with his RB19 became increasingly evident. With gearbox problems and grip issues, the reigning champion faced a difficult weekend, making it a crucial challenge for the Red Bull team to address before the race.

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