LEGO and Nintendo Team Up for Animal Crossing Collaboration

LEGO and Nintendo Team Up for Animal Crossing Collaboration
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Long-Awaited Partnership Confirmed

Fans of both LEGO and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing received exciting news as the highly-anticipated collaboration between the two iconic brands was officially announced on Nintendo’s Twitter account. The announcement included a brief trailer, offering a glimpse of Animal Crossing characters reimagined in LEGO form.

While the partnership confirmation is undoubtedly thrilling, specific details regarding the types of products and their release date remain under wraps. However, earlier leaks from August hinted at the arrival of five full sets, expected to hit the market in March 2024. It’s important to note that these details are not yet official and should be approached with some caution.

As reported by VGC, these five sets are expected to span a range of prices, catering to various budgets. Set 77046, rumored to consist of 170 pieces, is speculated to be priced at $14.99. Set 77047, containing 164 pieces, may be offered at $19.99. Set 77048, comprising 233 pieces, could retail for $29.99. Set 77049, said to include 389 pieces, might be priced at $39.99. Lastly, set 77050, rumored to boast 535 pieces, is anticipated to be available at $74.99.

The collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo is not entirely new, as the two companies have previously joined forces on various projects. This includes the creation of a LEGO version of the Nintendo Entertainment System console, which was met with enthusiasm from fans. Additionally, the Super Mario Bros. range, featuring interactive elements, has gained popularity among consumers.

The partnership has given rise to an assortment of sets, ranging from smaller options like the Luigi Starter Set to more extensive offerings like Dry Bowser’s Castle. Notably, a massive 2,807-piece Bowser set was released, which can be interconnected with other sets. In 2021, a Super Mario 64 set also made its way into the lineup.

The collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo continues to excite fans with the promise of creative and engaging products that bring beloved franchises to life in new and innovative ways.

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