Joe Kelly Nearly Hits Tatis With Two Pitches, Then Strikes Him Out Looking With 100 MPH

Joe Kelly

In a heated matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, Joe Kelly nearly hit Fernando Tatis Jr. with two pitches, then struck him out looking with a 100 MPH fastball.

The incident occurred in the top of the seventh inning, with the Dodgers leading 5-3. Tatis was leading off the inning and took a called strike on the first pitch. The second pitch was a fastball that came in high and tight, nearly hitting Tatis in the head. Tatis took a step back and glared at Kelly, who responded by shaking his head.

The next pitch was another fastball, this one even closer to Tatis’ head. Tatis ducked out of the way, and the ball sailed past him for a ball. The umpire warned both benches after the second pitch, and the tension in the stadium was palpable.

Kelly then struck Tatis out looking on a 100 MPH fastball. Tatis took a big hack at the pitch, but it was too high and outside. The strikeout brought the crowd to its feet, and Kelly was met with boos as he walked off the mound.

After the game, Kelly said that he was not trying to hit Tatis, but that he was trying to pitch inside. “I was just trying to pitch inside,” Kelly said. “I wasn’t trying to hit him. I was just trying to make him uncomfortable.”

The incident between Kelly and Tatis is the latest in a series of heated matchups between the two teams. The Dodgers and Padres are two of the best teams in baseball, and they are expected to be battling for the NL West title for years to come.

It remains to be seen if there will be any further repercussions from the incident between Kelly and Tatis. However, one thing is for sure: the rivalry between the Dodgers and Padres is only going to get more intense in the years to come.

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