House Oversight Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Biden Family’s Business Dealings

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The GOP-controlled House Oversight Committee has announced a significant move in the ongoing scrutiny of President Joe Biden’s family business dealings. The committee will conduct a public hearing on Thursday, September 28th, marking the first hearing since the launch of the House’s impeachment inquiry, according to sources close to ABC News.

Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., outlined the committee’s intentions, stating, “We’re going to have three credible witnesses. We want to be able to explain what exactly an impeachment inquiry is and what the purpose is.”

The witnesses will include financial law experts and experts on foreign agent registration. Their role is to discuss the alleged “evidence” that Republicans claim to have gathered regarding the business dealings of the Biden family.

A committee statement highlighted their commitment to pursuing the evidence and financial trail to provide transparency and accountability demanded by the American people from their government.

Comer also revealed that Republicans plan to subpoena bank records for Hunter Biden and James Biden, the president’s son and brother, as early as this week.

He clarified the delay in subpoenaing the president’s records, explaining that investigators have not uncovered any evidence suggesting the president received any of the funds under scrutiny. The focus remains on tracing the money trail through various countries and shell companies to nine different Biden family members.

Comer emphasized, “At this point, he [President Biden] has not been one of the nine Biden family members.”

Meanwhile, the White House maintains its stance that the president did nothing wrong, asserting that there is no evidence to suggest any improper relationship between him and Hunter Biden’s business dealings after thorough investigations.

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