Disney Pulls Programming from Charter Spectrum in Fee Dispute

Spectrum ESPN
Photo by: STRF/STAR MAX/IPx 2021 6/28/21 A Spectrum truck is seen in New York City.

Disney pulled its programming from Charter Spectrum on Thursday night, even as the Disney-owned ESPN networks were covering major live sporting events such as the US Open and college football.

The blackout affected millions of Spectrum customers in 41 states. Disney said it pulled its programming because Spectrum had refused to agree to a new contract that would have given Disney higher fees.

Spectrum said it was disappointed that Disney had taken this action, and that it was committed to reaching a fair agreement with Disney.

The blackout is the latest in a series of carriage disputes between media companies and cable providers. In recent months, there have been blackouts involving CBS, NBCUniversal, and ViacomCBS.

These disputes are becoming more common as media companies demand higher fees from cable providers. Cable providers are reluctant to pay these higher fees, as they could lead to higher prices for consumers.

The blackout between Disney and Charter Spectrum is likely to have a significant impact on Spectrum customers. Many of these customers will be unable to watch Disney-owned channels such as ABC, ESPN, and Disney Channel.

The blackout is also likely to have a financial impact on Disney. The company is estimated to lose millions of dollars in advertising revenue each day that its programming is blacked out.

It is unclear how long the blackout will last. Both Disney and Spectrum have said they are committed to reaching a fair agreement. However, it is possible that the dispute could drag on for weeks or even months.

The blackout is a reminder of the growing tensions between media companies and cable providers. These tensions are likely to continue in the years to come, as media companies demand higher fees and cable providers try to keep prices down.

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